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This year, our conference is also enjoying growing popularity among international representatives. I am pleased that today, as we discuss the circular economy and sustainable development, all these issues are being incorporated into the work of the Ministry of Climate and Environment – Małgorzata Golińska, Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment, has launched the third day of the TOGETAIR 2022 Climate Summit.


Polish and international guests attended the opening panel on cross-border cooperation for climate, moderated by Zofia Wanat, Politico, and stressed the need for an international agreement.

- We are aiming for climate neutrality by 2050 and have a clear path towards that goal. We plan to generate energy mainly from renewable sources by 2040. Estonia and its economy are undergoing a major green transition. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 72% compared to 1990 and we will continue to do so. By 2030 we will generate 42% of our energy from renewable sources.

 said Reet Ulm, International Climate Policy Advisor at Ministry of Environment in Estonia.

Christian Stenberg, Deputy Permanent Secretary, EU and int. climate and energy at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, stated:

- From our point of view, there is no dilemma between energy security and climate objectives. The solutions to both problems are exactly the same. Green change must be speeded up in order to achieve energy independence. And this message is important for the whole of the European Union. This is the position of Denmark, which took over the leadership of the Union a few weeks ago.

Jadwiga Emilewicz, President of the Parliamentary Team on the Zero-Emission Economy and the European Green Deal, Polish Parliament (Sejm RP), presented the Polish perspective:

- Now the perception of these issues has changed. We have recognized the need for security. This has changed, particularly in the European Union. European politicians have seen the climate perspective through the Polish lens. Yes, we have to protect Earth. Yes, we need to think more about the climate, and that should come from our sense of responsibility for the planet.

Maciej Golubiewski, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski, European Commission, highlighted the differences between short- and long-term plans:

-  The question arises as to how quickly we can scale renewable energy production in such a short time. We are looking at the commitments under Fit for 55, but these are more medium- and long-term. In the short-term, we should rely on gas, as President Biden and President von der Layen have said, but with regard to the origin of its source.

Kamil Wyszkowski, Representative, President of the Board of the Global Compact Network Poland, explained the dangers arising from the current distribution of energy sources:

- 81% from fossil fuels, only 8% from nuclear fuels and 12% from renewables. That is why we say that we, as humanity, are dependent on oil, coal and gas. That’s why we need to get out of this trap as quickly as possible.

Bartek Czyczerski, Senior Policy Manager, Senior Policy Manager, The European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) pointed to the situation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

- Some countries have better prepared for the situation. Poland and Lithuania, for example, are on the verge of becoming completely independent from Russian energy producers, but after other countries have acted, it becomes clear that the risk assessment has been different. We are in a difficult situation, but I am optimistic because humanity is always getting through and finding new sources of energy.






The Climate Summit took place between 20 and 22 April in the Library of the University of Warsaw (BUW), Dobra 56/66 in Warsaw and in an online space accessible to everyone in Poland and Europe.
The event, organised in a hybrid format and broadcast by a TV studio, can be watched free of charge and without registration on the main pages of the leading Polish Internet portals as well as on the Polish and Belgian platforms Linkedin and Twitter, so that our voice is heard in Europe.
In 2022, the event was extended on the international level, intensifying cooperation between Poland and the countries of the Three-seas region and the European Union. Each day of the Summit begins with a panel in English on Global and European issues.

The organisers of the International Climate Summit have also invited representatives of ministries, local governments in the rank of marshals, representatives of state-owned companies, NGOs, multinational corporations and small companies committed to climate protection. TOGETAIR received the patronage of the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

Watch the interview with the Minister of Climate and Environment in Poland, Anna Moskwa for TOGETAIR 2022: Anna Moskwa, Minister of Climate and Environment in an interview for Politico


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