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Andrzej Grzymała

Managing director and vice president of the board of RLG in Poland

From the beginning of his professional career, he actively supports entrepreneurs in the field of broadly understood environmental protection, also on the international arena. He promotes modern technological solutions in waste management. He graduated from the Inter-Faculty Studies of Environmental Protection at the University of Warsaw, as well as postgraduate studies in environmental auditing at the University of Gdańsk and business psychology at the Kozminski University. He started his career in 2008 at Rekopol Packaging Recovery Organization
SA, where he was responsible for purchases and projects. Afterwards, he was the Director of the Polish Regional Environmental Center and the president of the board of the REC Polska Foundation. In 2015, he started cooperation with RLG - Reverse Logistic Group - as a development director and proxy, then in 2019 he became the managing director and vice-president of the management board in the Group companies in Poland (RLG Polska Sp. z o.o.; RLG RELECTRA OOSEiE SA and RLG  REPACK Polska OOO SA *).