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Anna Hubáčková

Minister of Environment for the Czech Republic

Ing. Bc. Anna Hubáčková (KDU-ČSL) was born in Hodonín. She graduated in water management from the Brno University of Technology and in public administration from the Masaryk University Faculty of Law. She worked in the company Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, where she was responsible for the protection of water resources, later she worked as the head of the Environmental Department at the District Office in Hodonín and the head of the Environmental Department of the Regional Office of the South Moravian Region. In 2005 she received the Award of the Minister of the Environment for her activities and cooperation with NGOs. In her position, she was also a member of crisis staffs, chairwoman of flood commissions and participated in managing crisis situations. From 2014 to 2018, she served as the mayor of the municipality of Ratíškovice and since 2016 she has been a senator for the Hodonín region. In 2020, she was elected as a deputy of the South Moravian Region and served as chair of the Environment and Agriculture Commission. She is married, has two grown-up sons and three grandchildren.