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Mariusz Śpiewok

First Deputy Mayor of the City of Gliwice

He is the First Deputy Mayor of the City of Gliwice since 2019. 
He is responsible for strategic planning, city development, municipal investments and renovations, municipal services and local transport, obtaining funds from foreign financing sources, including EU, public procurement, water management, electromobility and alternative fuels.

He has been associated with the local government for 22 years, where he gained extensive management experience. For over 10 years he worked in the Municipal Office in Gliwice. He also worked as a deputy director of one of the municipal organizational unit in Gliwice. For over 5 years he was the office director of the Association of Municipalities and Powiats of the Central Subregion of the Silesian Voivodeship (ZIT Association), where from September 15, 2020 he is the President of the Management Board.

He is involved in many local government projects aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of local government operations, including but not limited to benchmarking research and a system for public services monitoring.