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Marshal of the Mazovia Province

Adam Krzysztof Struzik (born January 1, 1957 in Kutno) – doctor, local government and social activist, parliamentarian, politician. Speaker of the Senate in 1993-1997, senator of the second, third and fourth terms, since 2001 Marshal of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

Professional and social activities
Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz. Specialist in internal diseases. Completed postgraduate studies in the field of organization and economics of health care and postgraduate managerial studies in public administration at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw.
From 1990 to 1997, chief director of the Provincial Hospital in Plock.
Volunteer firefighter and member of the Provincial Board and the Main Board of the Union of Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Republic of Poland.

Political activity
Since 1984 he has been a member of the Polish People’s Party, sitting in the provincial and national authorities of the party. Member of the European People’s Party (EPP).
Senator of the Republic of Poland from 1991 to 2001. Chairman of the Social Policy and Health Committee of the Senate of the Republic of Poland for the second term. Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland from 1993 to 1997. Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, which passed the current Constitution of the Republic of Poland in 1997.
In 2007, elected MP of the 6th term of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland – resigned his seat, remaining as Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

Local government activities
In 1984-1988 councilor of the municipality of Nowy Dunin, and since 1988 councilor of the town and municipality of Gąbin. In 1994-1998 delegate to the Plock Voivodship Local Government Assembly and to the National Local Government Assembly. Chairman of the Presidium of the National Local Government Sejmik. Councillor of the Mazovian province since 1998. Chairman of the Health and Physical Culture Committee of the first term of the Mazovian Voivodeship Assembly.
Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship since December 2001. In 2007 elected Vice President of the Union of Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland, whose task is to support the idea of local self-government, defend the common interests of the voivodeships, strive for the socio-economic development of Polish voivodeships.
Since 2004, member of the Committee of the Regions in the EPP political group. On February 10, 2010 appointed to the Presidium of the Committee of the Regions. Participates in the work of committees: CIVEX (Committee on Citizenship, Governance, Constitutional and External Affairs) and ENVE (Committee on Environment, Climate Change and Energy).

Honors and awards
For his activities, Adam Struzik has been awarded many decorations, including:

– “Polonia Mater Nostra Est” (Poland is our mother) decoration, awarded for special merits to the Polish Nation and State and active patriotic attitude (2011);
– The Zygmunt Jan Rumel Medal for patriotic attitude and contributions to the preservation of historical truth and memory of the victims of genocide committed against the Polish population of the eastern borderlands (2011);
– Officer’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland, awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski, for outstanding contributions to the local community and for achievements in local government work (2010);
– Medal – Grzegorz Palka Award for outstanding contributions to local government (2009);
– Medal from the Polish Association of the Deaf for special contributions to the disabled (2009);
– Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to the Police (2008);
– Golden Clover – a decoration of the people’s movement (2008);
– Second Degree Badge of Honor of the Polish Red Cross (2006);
– The Bolesław Chomicz Medal of Honor in recognition of special merits for the development and strengthening of the Polish Fire Brigades Association and the Golden Sign of the Polish Fire Brigades Association (2006);
– Knight’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland (2004);
–   The Grand Order of Saint Sigismund, awarded by Bishop Zygmunt Kaminski of Plock(2004);
– Order of “Meritus Patriae” by the Foundation “Aid to Poles in the East” for bringing about the recovery and restoration of many cultural and national heritage centers in foreign countries and initiating the establishment of the House of Polonia in Vilnius (2004);
– The Wincenty Witos Medal for Merit to the People’s Movement, the highest honor of the people’s movement (1998).

He was also honored with many foreign decorations, including:
– Commander’s Cross of the Order of Leopold – the highest and oldest order of the Kingdom of Belgium awarded to persons of particular merit to the country (2009);
– Special Decoration of the Governor of the Moscow Region of the Russian Federation Boris Gromov for his immense contribution to the development of foreign economic cooperation between the Moscow Region and the Mazovia Province (2008);
– Order of Liberty of the French Republic – De GRAND Officier de L’Ordre National du Merite (1996);
– Order of Honor by President K. Stefanopulos of Greece (1996).

The authorities of Keimyung University in South Korea awarded Adam Struzik the honorary title of Professor of International Affairs. He also received the local government community’s “Most Admired Marshal of the Voivodeship” award (2007), the award in the “Most Admired Marshal of the Voivodeship” category at the “Days of Local Government – Innovator 2008”, the award in the “Man of Polish Local Government” category (2008).

He was also awarded the title “Entrepreneur Friendly” by the Council and Board of the Association of Employers of Warsaw (2007).

He is also a finalist in the fourth edition of the “Outstanding Leader” competition (2010) – the award was given by the Polish Quality Award Committee. The competition, according to the organizers, promotes managers whose work contributes to the efficient management of a company, office or workplace.

In addition, Marshal Adam Struzik was awarded the titles of Honorary Citizen of: the Zawidz municipality (1999), Długosiodło (2006), Radzymin (2006), Drobin (2006), Zaręby Kościelne municipality (2008), Szczutowo municipality (2008), Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (2009), Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą (2010) and Mochowo municipality (2010).

Private life
Married, has two children.