ANNA MOSKWA - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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  • Polski


Minister of Climate and Environment

Graduated in international relations, sociology and economics from Maria Curie- Skłodowska University, Catholic University of Lublin and Warsaw University.

She has run her own business in the domestic and international labor market- HR, recruitment, market tenders, EU funds in the labor market and innovation. Experienced in raising and managing EU funds since 1999, she served as Vice President and President of the European Meeting Center – Nowy Staw Foundation, one of the largest Polish non-governmental organizations working in the field of intercultural education, development assistance and labor market. For many years she was responsible for international cooperation, mainly in Europe, but also outside the continent.

She served as President of the Quality and Development Institute auditing and training company.
Most recently, she worked as director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Inland Navigation, and later as deputy minister at the same ministry. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.