REMIGIUSZ KOPOCZEK - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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Acting Director of the National Center for Research and Development

Remigiusz Kopoczek, PhD has been associated with the scientific community for many years. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Szczecin.

From 2020, he is a member of the Senate of the University of Silesia in Katowice. In the years 2012-2016 he was the vice-dean for education and students at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Silesia. He is the co-author of studies in the field of game and virtual space design, and the author and co-author of publications, among others on the process of creating computer games, the use of multimedia and virtual reality in education. In recent years, he was the president of the board of the first video games accelerator – ARP Games.

Before assuming the duties of the NCBR director, he was the president of the board of one of the largest economic conferences in Poland – Congress 590.

The appointment of the acting director of the NCBR is from February 18, 2022.