More than 70% less CO2e in a decade - The Zywiec Group on its quest for zero carbon at the TOGETAIR 2022 Summit - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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More than 70% less CO2e in a decade – The Zywiec Group on its quest for zero carbon at the TOGETAIR 2022 Summit

More than 70% less CO2e in a decade – The Zywiec Group on its quest for zero carbon at the TOGETAIR 2022 Summit

Eliminating CO2e emissions in production is Żywiec Group’s ambition for the next decade. Although the company has reduced emissions by more than 70 percent since 2011, achieving zero emissions is a major challenge. How the business can tackle it in partnership with suppliers, customers, local governments and municipal organizations was discussed at the TOGETAIR International Climate Summit by members of the company’s board of directors: Karolina Tarnawska, director of purchasing, and Magdalena Brzezinska, director of corporate affairs.

For the second time, the Zywiec Group was a partner of one of the largest conferences on climate change in Poland – TOGETAIR 2022. The company has been actively involved in activities to reduce its impact on the environment for years, and this year implemented new goals within the “We Brew a Better World” strategy. In February, it was one of the first listed companies in Poland – it also published its 2021 ESG report prepared in accordance with new taxonomy reporting regulations.

Lower emissions, more sustainable raw materials

The Zywiec Group, despite the continuing pandemic, remains steadfast in its efforts to minimize its environmental impact. In 2021, the company’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2e1 emissions in beer production, fell by 30 percent, the equivalent of about 14.5 tons of CO2e. Moreover, 40 percent of all energy2 (including 100 percent of electricity) used by the company came from renewable sources. The Group is also gradually increasing the share of sustainably grown raw materials in its production processes. Last year’s result in this area was 27 percent, an increase of 54 percent over the previous year.

Strength lies in diversity

In addition to its extensive environmental efforts, the company attaches great importance to labor, social issues and those related to responsible consumption. In 2021, more than 30 percent of the Group’s management team were women, and all leaders in the organization had the opportunity to participate in special training on inclusion and diversity practices. At the same time, the company invariably promotes responsible attitudes in alcohol consumption. The Heineken brand has again allocated 10 percent of its advertising budget to a campaign on the theme of sustainable consumption, and the Zywiec Group has expanded its non-alcoholic beer offerings to all major brands in its portfolio so that consumers always and everywhere have a choice.

New goals for the new decade

Over the past decade, the Zywiec Group has made many changes to reduce its impact on the environment and support the development of Polish society. Over the past ten years (since 2011), the company has reduced CO2e3 emissions by 71 percent, and reduced total water consumption by 5 percent, which today makes Grupa Żywiec one of the most efficient beer producers in the Heineken Group. Thanks to the implementation of closed-loop economy principles, the company produced no waste destined for landfills in 2021, compared to more than 300 tons a decade ago. Finally, through innovation and modern packaging design – based on thinner glass bottles and cans, as well as smaller labels – it has significantly reduced its environmental impact.

Recognizing the growing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Zywiec Group decided to raise the bar and announced new sustainability targets for 2030. As part of the updated “We Brew a Better World” strategy, the company will focus its efforts on three areas: the environment, society and responsible consumption. Among the company’s key goals are to achieve net zero emissions in production by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality across the value chain by 2040.

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Grupa Żywiec is one of the leading beer producers in Poland and a leader in innovative beer segments. The company brews beer in the Archduke Brewery in Żywiec, Warka Brewery, Leżajsk Brewery, Elbląg Brewery and Namysłów Brewery. In addition to Zywiec, the company’s strongest brands include Heineken, Desperados, Namyslow, Warka and Tatra. Regional beers are an important part of the Żywiec Group’s offer: Królewskie, Leżajsk, Specjal. The company is affiliated with the HEINEKEN Group. More information about the company:

1 CO2 equivalent.

2 Refers to electricity and thermal energy.

3 CO2e Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.