War and inflation cannot stop the battle for clean air. - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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The most important ecological events in Poland

War and inflation cannot stop the battle for clean air.

War and inflation cannot stop the battle for clean air.

There is no turning back from the fight against smog and the stalled energy transition of Polish households. The energy crisis – troubles in coal, high gas prices – will not inhibit Polish families’ desire for thermal modernization and investment in cheaper, renewable energy sources. Arguments that this is the case are provided by Artur Beck, director general of the Clean Air Foundation, in an interview with Business Zone journalist Zbigniew Biskupski.

At the 2022 Economic Forum in Karpacz, inflation, energy crisis, gas and coal are sure to be among the most frequently used words. The task at hand is to survive the coming winter, paying less attention to the means to do so. But there is no stopping the fight against global warming, including low emissions, so crucial to our health.

A million house roofs in Poland are already covered with solar panels, windmills are coming back into favor – on land and any day now huge farms in the Baltic Sea will start. Poles who have already invested in photovoltaics have their energy independence. Not only do they not have to worry about electricity bills, but also fear blackouts, restrictions on energy supply.

Others will follow in their footsteps. The era of heat pumps is also coming, and technologies for building energy storage are developing more and more rapidly.

The Polish economy – like the entire European economy – must undergo an energy transition, or it will not be competitive. More about this will be coming soon – on November 7 at the Polish Power of Business, a conference on, among other things, the energy transformation of Polish companies, to which the Clean Air Foundation invites everyone to Warsaw.