BEATA WASZCZYŁKO-MIŁKOWSKA - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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  • Polski


Head of the Department of Monitoring and Forecasting in Waste Management at the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute.

D. in engineering sciences in the discipline of environmental engineering, mining and energy. Professionally involved in waste management for 17 years. Her research interests are in waste management issues. In 2017, she completed postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Lodz in the field of Municipal Waste Management. Auditor and Board Representative for the ISO 14000:2015 Integrated Environmental Management System. Leading author and co-author of publications in journals in the JCR database and other University publications. He has authored many conference reports, panel speeches and discussion forums. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the IOC Quarterly “Law and Climate”. Manager and participant in many projects related to waste management, GOZ or legal legislation.