Magdalena Kapuścińska - International Climate Summit TOGETAIR 2023
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Deputy Director General for Real Estate and Procurement

He has been working at PGL Lasy Państwowe since 2007, specializing in issues related to real estate management, spatial planning, protection of forest land, implementation of investments located on PGL LP land under “speculative acts”, among others, in the field of making land available for investment, mineral exploitation, housing stock, forest infrastructure (road construction). He realizes issues in the field of administrative jurisprudence of the second instance body in the field of protection of forest land regardless of the form of ownership.

She has been working in positions related to these issues since 2010. In 2019, she was hired at the Directorate General of State Forests, where, among other things, she held the position of head of the Property Management Department. Since July 2022, she has served as deputy director general of the State Forests for real estate.
and procurement.