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The most important ecological events in Poland



Russia’s invasion of Ukraine requires a review of current energy policy in Europe. How can the previously established climate targets be maintained in the new reality? Here are 10 TOGETAIR POSTULATES, which were developed during the congress. The postulates are aimed at linking efforts on climate and security of energy, business and politics.

1.    The war in Ukraine must not halt the transition: the phase-out of fossil fuels must be accelerated and Europe’s dependence on Russian imports eliminated.

2.    The fight against climate change is necessary here and now: countermeasures taken in a decade or two will not stop nature’s “chain reaction”. We are facing a threat of irreversible negative effects of human actions.

3.    Citizens and consumers must be prepared for the inevitable costs of the energy transition and protection programmes must be put in place for those most affected by the short-term consequences of the European Green Deal. EU funds will play an important role in this, including a reduced tariff during the transitional period, which is necessary in view of the risks to the security of energy supply.
4.    Return to coal is not a possibility. Natural gas will not be able to serve as a transitional fuel to the extent envisaged. Measures need to be taken to promote the use of alternatives such as wind, water and sun, as well as energy storage, hydrogen and even alternative fuels such as biomass and RDF.

5.    Accelerating the decarbonisation of the economy must go hand in hand with derusification and diversification of supply, a wider opening up to renewable energy sources and courageous investment decisions by the Union and the Member States.

6.    Nuclear energy, both on large- and small-scale is an optimal source of energy security. The implementation of the timetable for Poland’s nuclear programme and the commissioning of Poland’s first large-scale power plant in 2033 should be a top priority for the state.

7.    The development of onshore and offshore wind energy needs to be accelerated. Increasing the offshore potential from planned 11 to up to 30 GW installed capacity should be considered.

8.    A strategy for the development of district heating needs to be created: if industry is left alone, given the limited investment possibilities of local governments, it may mean the exclusion of a sector that is crucial to climate neutrality.

9.    It is worth to consider taxing windfall revenues of energy companies, i. e. windfall profits: the revenues should be used for the development of renewable technologies.

10.    Improvement of administrative procedures and reduction of investment processes related to the construction of infrastructures that are crucial for ensuring security of energy supply and the implementation of the circular economy are necessary. Today’s procedures for obtaining environmental decisions and the capacity of decision-makers are unfortunately blocking many necessary investments, causing unnecessary delays in the modernisation of key economic sectors.

3 days, 33 debates, hundreds of experts, millions of spectators and international panel discussions – that was the TOGETAIR Climate Summit 2022. For three days, participants looked for answers to the question of how to build an independent energy policy for the European Union and create a better future for climate.

TOGETAIR 2022 took place between April 20th to 22nd in the Library of the University of Warsaw and in an online space accessible to everyone in Poland and Europe. 

The congress, which was held in a hybrid formula, was broadcasted live, free of charge and without registration on the main pages of the most important Polish Internet portals https://togetair.eu/partnerzy and on social media. Debates are currently available on YouTube on TOGETAIR1  TOGETAIR2


The organisers of the congress have invited representatives of ministries, local authorities in the rank of marshals, representatives of state treasury companies, NGOs, multinational corporations and small companies committed to climate protection to participate. TOGETAIR received the patronage of the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

Discussions focused on pressing issues such as energy costs and poverty, nuclear energy, transmission and storage possibilities. The problems and opportunities of zero-emission mobility, the challenges for modern agriculture and waste management, and the question of how algorithms and new technologies can support environmental and climate protection were also addressed.


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